Day 90: Responsibility

I don't blog about my work very often, usually because all of my blogging space is consumed by stories of my children and family or inane happenings as I go through life.  And, I think in part because blogging is like the "other" part of me, the part that doesn't get much opportunity to be set free at work.

I'm not saying I'm not the "real me" at work.  Because I am.  Complete with my many flaws, just ask my co-workers, they'll verify that for you.  Just saying I don't have much of a venue for annecdotal writing there.

I was up all night thinking (not worrying) just thinking about work.  I have the incredible responsibility of trying to help people find real, true, authentic community through small groups.  You'd think this comes naturally, and I suppose in a way, it does, but there is also a part of it that is awkward and difficult.  (Enter my team and me).

One of the ways we do try to help people find community is through an event called "Connection Point."  We didn't invent Connection Point.  It's more of a morph of several other churches' On-Ramp into small groups.  But the basic premise is people sign up to be in a small group with 8-10 other people.  We assign them to groups based on either their stage of life or geographic location, or both whenever possible.  Then we have a big event where they all get to meet each other and get to know each other.  Sort of like one giant blind date.

This past weekend we had a Connection Point, and as I looked out at the sea of people we had placed into groups, I couldn't help but wonder if they were in the right group.  I feel such responsibility for them.

What if their group is terrible and this is the first time they have ever tried being in a group, so they don't have some great memory of that "one group" that will help them ride out this bad one, so they give up on groups and never try again? (I thought the length of that sentence would give you an idea of how this feels in  my head!  It helps if you read it really fast! Go back and try it again.)

I talked to a lot of people at church yesterday who told me they loved their groups.  So you'd think that would be enough for me.  But I can't help but think (not worry, think) about all the groups I didn't hear from.  Were they okay?  Did they hit it off? 

I think I want people to love their groups because I know what an incredible gift it is to have a group of people that you can go through life with.  People who share your victories and burdens as though they were their own.  People who challenge you to be a better person.  People who love you with all your flaws and idiosyncrasies. A group like that is an incredible gift, and I want that for everyone.

All that to say, I really do want world peace. :)  And great groups for everyone!

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