Day 25: At Any Time

I read this phrase on a friend's blog.

It made my mind race. And my heart.

At any time . . . I can choose to throw in the towel and say "I'm done."

At any time . . . I can decide that all this is just not worth the heartache.

At any time . . . I can say "forget you" and move on with my life.

At any time.

Any time.

But I can assure you this, that time is never going to come. I'm never going to say I'm done. I'm never going to remove my heart from the equation. I'm never going to move on.

At any time I have the option of choosing a much easier life.

But is that really the life I want to live? (Hell yes it is! I want to live the easier life! Who wouldn't?)

But the easier life is not the life we're called to.

So I choose to live this life

that God has called me to,

for as long as He calls me to it.

All that to say, at any time you'll find me here.

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