Day 23: In Her Prayer Closet

This morning, as we were winding up our morning routine, I went on a hunt for the girls. The "hunt" is not an actual hunt, because I always know where I will find them.

In my closet.

For some reason they just love to play in that closet. Typically they take all of Mike's shoes off of his shoe shelf and sit on it, with their "dollies" of choice for that day, and have themselves a merry little conversation, solving the problems of their world, I imagine.

On this particular morning, Mike came into the closet to pray for me to get well before he left. We didn't pay too much attention to the girls playing in the closet while we prayed. But when we opened our eyes, the girls were standing up praying with us.

Very sweet. :)

But then Nitro reached across her hand and put it on her sister's nose. She said, "Pray (insert sister's name here) boo boo." (Her sister has the tiniest little remnant of a scab left on her nose from a recent fall.) So I told her to go ahead and pray.

(And like any good mother of toddler, I was ready with my iphone camera! Sorry the pic is small. I'll fix it later!)

So she said, "Dee-a Gah, pease hep (sister's name) boo boo nose. Ayyyymen."

All that to say, you never know what they are going to pick up and repeat. So glad that today it was the lesson that God hears our prayers and cares when we are sick. (Especially considering yesterday it was that I said, "Come on Mike. It's not that hard. And Shortstack said, "Come on Mike. It's not that hard." . . .oops)

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