Day 26: Heavy

There has not been a single day (that I can recall) during the entire last year with our girls that I have wavered in my resolve.

That's probably not true. I'll bet there have been tons of days and I have just forgotten them.

But today my legs feel pretty wobbly underneath me.

Today was "visitation day." Our first one in six weeks. SIX WEEKS.

I have written and deleted so many sentences because I want to share my heart in this, but I want to be careful about the details too.

I'll say this. It's been almost one year ago (April 9th) that the girls came into our home. Of that last year, they were out of our home for 11 weeks. And in that one year, we have seen so much heartache and anguish pour out of them.

But they are toddlers. They only know one way to express those heavy, heavy emotions. They meltdown.

Today was very hard for them. And me. And us.

All that to say . . . (insert heavy sigh here).

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  1. I am praying for all of you Carol. You are such a blessing to those girls!


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