Day 27: Borrow Tomorrow

It's funny how often I have to keep relearning the same lessons. If I looked back on my life, I'll bet I would have a few main categories of lessons. They'd probably be

1. Wait Until I Say You Can
2. Get Some Rest
3. Don't Believe Your Own Press
4. Don't Worry About Tomorrow

And let me tell you, I have learned each of these lessons the hard way!

But right now, I am in the season of "Don't Worry About Tomorrow."

This is my conversation with God.

"Carol, this is God. You might recall that in my Word that I said "THIS . . . is the day that the Lord has made (emphasis on the word THIS, Carol.) Not tomorrow, Carol. But this present day is the day I have made. And I followed that up with "Rejoice and be glad in it."

These are not just good ideas, Carol. They are words to live by. I couldn't help but notice you've struggled with that a bit over the last year. It's not that hard really if you think about it. But let me break it into words I think you can handle.

TODAY is the day I want you to live. This day. And I don't want you to borrow trouble from tomorrow, or next week, or ten years from now. You don't need to know how the story ends. You need to live today and rejoice in it.

Carol, I also said in my Word that today has enough trouble for today. That was my way of saying, "Quit worrying about everything!" Just live today and rejoice in it.

I made you my sweet daughter. I put that brain in your head. And I created you to be a planner, a strategic thinker, an organizer of details. Those are strengths. Don't let your tendancy to worry about tomorrow turns those strengths into weaknesses. Be strong and use those strengths to live today and rejoice it in.

And let me end with this thought, Carol. If you think you need to worry about tomorrow, imagine you hear my words in your ear saying, "I've got it Carol. I've got it."

All that to say, I won't borrow tomorrow. (Though I will be tempted to do so.) I will live for today, and I will rejoice.


  1. Amen sister...words so true. I too am learning it's about today, we're not even guaranteed tomorrow so why worry about for today. I wish it was my natural tendency, but alas, it's not. I guess truth is, if it was my natural tendency,then I wouldn't be relying on God to help my live for today. Praying for you dear friend.

  2. Great post! Thank you Carol!!


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