Day 9: I Will Sing

I am not perfect. This is not news to me. I've been well aware of it for some time now.

My ways are not His ways. My thoughts are not His thoughts. I didn't even have to make that up. He told me that one in advance through His Word.

I am a mess when left to my own schemes and thoughts and plans.

I prayed yesterday morning that God would strip away any unholiness in my life that I refuse to lay down.

Oh dear ones, be careful what you pray for.

"But as for me, I will sing of Your strength."

Being stripped of your unholiness is a pretty painful process, but it should bring about beauty and joy. It should leave us, once the healing comes, with a deep love for God who is strong enough to handle our mistakes, to guide us through them, and to seek Him all the more.

All that to say, As for me, I will sing.

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