Day 11: Who's in the Backseat?

I heard Dr. Tony Evans say one time on the radio, "If you let the devil ride in the backseat long enough, pretty soon, he's gonna wanna drive." Of course, he said it as only Tony Evans can do, with plenty of emphasis on "He's Gone-a Wone-a Drive."

I've thought about that a lot over the years. Who's in my backseat? Who am I carrying around with me?

Especially lately.

I've been thinking about it from the perspective of "who or what from my past am I still letting go for a ride?"

Who or what am I dragging around, still allowing them(it) to have influence on my thoughts, my plans, my hopes, my fear?

There are some parts from my past that I "believed" I had kicked out of my backseat, only to realize I had just stuffed it in the trunk, no longer giving it a direct shot into my ear, but still hauling it around with me nonetheless.

I said this the other day, "The beautiful thing about the past is that it is behind us."

That's true.

But if it's behind us in the backseat. That's not so good.

So, stop your car, kick the past out on the side of the road, and drive forward. It might try to run alongside you for awhile, but eventually, you will manage to move past it, forward, to the future.

All that to say, "Who's riding in your backseat?"

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