Day 2: Shortstack and Nitro

We can't call them by their real names, because they aren't ours. At least not in a way that makes it legal to use their real names. And the only reason I can post their pictures is because I have permission from their bmom (birthmom) to do so.

So for months now, you have known them simply as Baby N and Baby S. In fact, one of my favorite things is when someone meets them for the first time, they say to me, "So, is this N or S?" I don't know why I love that, but it feels like people really care about them and have spent some time wondering what their real names are. (For the record, if you DO want to know their names, so you can pray for them by name, then message me on facebook or leave your contact info in the comment section, and I'll email you their names).

But I've been thinking for a while that I didn't want to call them "S" and "N" forever, and that I needed to think of a cute cyberspace nickname for them.

Well recently on f/b I posted that I was thinking of giving "N" a pro-wrestler's name because she has broken my nose, scratched my cornea and now broken my toe (with her PLASTIC high heels, no less). Someone recommended Nitrogen, which I shortened to Nitro, which is TOTALLY fitting for her. She is like a little stick of dynamite and you NEVER know when she is gonna blow up, but when she does BAM!

So Nitro it is. No more Baby N.

And I said her sister is like a roller derby chick. She's all sweet and girly one second and then dropping an elbow on you the next. She's easy going, just rolling along unless you cross her, get in her way, (tell her no) and then it's ON like Donkey Kong. So her new name is Shortstack. We call her Little Bit a lot, so Shortstack is a good name.

So Shortstack it is. No more Baby S.

All that to say, I love that God eased me into the life of daughters by giving me some girls that have some chutzpah. Well, most days I'm glad.

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