Day 5: Now I'm Quoting Nike

My baby just moved away to go to college.


How many times can a mother's heart survive such things?

I'm happy for him though.

Happy because I feel like for the first time in a long time, his focus is right. It's forward. And it's up.

He's off to further his career. His mantra? "I'm not a college student. I'm a young professional furthering my career." :)

Trust me, the nuance is important.

And though leaving the past behind is a good thing, it's also a hard thing. Going it alone makes it even harder. He'll need community. Rich, life-changing, God-driven community.

It just personally drives home the point we have been making at church lately. We were created to live in Community. Rich, life-changing community.

All that to say, who are you doing life with? Are they changing your life in a positive way? Is your life richer because of it? We were created to love one another and do life with one another. To quote Nike, "Just Do It."

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