Day 78: What Great Fun

This weekend Mike and I were in the backyard, picking up sticks and other deadly objects (deadly to a toddler anyway . . . turns out they like to eat sticks and acorns!) Anyway, Mike decided to clean out their little pool, which they have not really enjoyed up to this point. While cleaning it out, it became apparent that our little Baby "N" wanted to get in, and of course when a toddler with an attitude decides she wants something, she can be quite a handful!

Mike looks over at me and says, "What do I do?" And I say back to him, "Let her get in!" So he took off her shirt and her shorts and let her climb in her little pool in just her diaper. (Don't judge us, we were in the backyard!) She had a blast. Which of course made her sister want to jump in with her. Such squeals of delight.

This melee of fun prompted a conversation between Mike and I about what "firsts" these girls are experiencing. Truth be told, we don't know if they have ever been in a pool. We don't know if they've ever played with bubbles or eaten broccoli. We don't know what are "firsts" for them, so we just treat everything like it is a "first." Mike even took pictures of the girls with his cell phone (over 20 pictures to be exact . . . with his CELL PHONE). But I didn't post them b/c as I mentioned earlier, they were just wearing their diapers.

Before we took them in, we let them each have a popsicle. They were completely in love with the popsicle (as was our little puppy who was underneath their little lawn chairs lapping up the lime drips as they fell onto little toes and paws and blades of grass.)

We do know this to be a new development for them. When we got the girls three weeks ago, they were virtually non-verbal. Yesterday, when I sneezed, Baby "S" said as clear as a bell, "Bless You Mimi." Tear.

All that to say, what great fun we are having at the Jones' House. What great fun.

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