Day 79: I Am Lame

I was at Double Daves Pizza (don't judge me) standing over the salad bar, when I approached the dressing choices. They had so many dressings of similar colors that I had to try and read the dressing name on the handle, which was also covered with said dressing. Yuck.

Anyway, I selected what I thought was ranch (assuming the other was low calorie ranch) when I realized the name on the handle was two words. Granted, two words I couldn't read well, but I am at least smart enough to know that TWO WORDS could not possibly spell RANCH. I quickly deciphered that said dressing must have been Blue Cheese, because what other white dressing has two words?

Sadly, I stood there thinking about Blue Cheese and my childhood, when Blue Cheese was the only offering. Ranch hadn't made its way onto the scene and Blue Cheese was the then King of Dressings. I thought about when Ranch was a new dressing and how everyone fell in love with it and talked about it like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. And then I felt a little sadness for blue cheese. Like, not only did it become "old news" it became non-existent. It was no longer offered on menus. You couldn't even "special order" it in fancy restaurants. It was gone. Completely gone.

Suddenly I smiled as I realized that Blue Cheese had staged a comeback and I thought gleefully, "Good for you blue cheese. Good for you." As if to say, "If blue cheese can do it, there is hope for everyone, everywhere."

All that to say, I wish I was making that up. But I'm not. I might need therapy.

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