Day 77: I Feel Good

Today I reached a goal. For those of you who have been keeping up, I have been training to be a "runner." I started at the first of the year, with a goal of running a 5K. Technically, I had a goal of being able to run a mile, and "finishing" a 5K. But I actually RAN the whole 5K.

I ran a practice 5K a few weeks ago with a time of 39:06. My official time today was 35:08. Almost 4 minutes better . . . in FOUR weeks. I think that is noteworthy.

I feel accomplished. I felt accomplished when I passed much younger (and thinner) people during the race. I felt accomplished when I ran past people walking up the hills. I felt accomplished when I crossed the finish line and remembered to smile (though I wanted to cry . . . weird emotion all the sudden).

Of course, during the race I felt like throwing up, or fainting, or wetting my pants. I felt like a dork while trying to grab my water while running and then drinking said water, while running.

Jacob coached me the whole way. That is noble on his part because he probably could have finished the whole race in 18 minutes. But he paced me and encouraged me and even made goofy faces for the cameras with me. He started me on this journey, so it was only right that we did this together.

All that to say, I reached a goal. And I feel good about that. (PS, you may not be able to tell how RED my face is in this picture, but this is after I had cooled down for about 15 minutes!)

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