Day 72: Learning to Be Toddlers

I always make fun of moms who blog and blog and blog about their kids. Like really, who cares about their nap times and bath time antics? Right?

But, here I am, at 48 years of age, with infants, infant girls no less, and they seem to have captivated my world. Their bath time antics really are the most important thing I have to talk about that day. The fact that they waved "bye" to the people on my laptop is highly entertaining and newsworthy. The fact that they have never colored with crayons or blown bubbles is an interesting anecdote about their lives.

I could share with you that in their former life they shared a king-sized mattress on the floor with their mom and 3 year old brother. That is, when they had a house to sleep in and a mattress on which to lay. I could share with you that they have suffered such malnutrition that their bodies do not know how to process all the food they are now getting. I could share with you that they have anger outbursts that could rival a Mike Tyson ear biting match, but those things shouldn't be the most important things about them.

What should be important is that they are learning to blow bubbles and float on their bellies in their bath. What should be important is that they love to be read to and to hear us sing and to play "ride the pony."

All that to say, we are learning about toddlers. And our toddlers are learning how to be toddlers too.

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