Day 76: Do You Feel Stuck?

Sometimes it is very difficult to move forward in your life. We all get "stuck" at times and for different reasons.

I remember being in a work situation that was extremely difficult. I hated going to work every single day. I liked what I did. I just felt suffocated in my work environment. But every day I got up, prayed for God to change my circumstances, and went to work. Almost every day I felt God telling me to quit, but quitting seemed like the wrong choice, so I went to work. I went to work despite what I knew to be against what God was telling me. But God has a way. And I did, in fact, end up leaving that job.

I love that I haven't felt "stuck" in a really long time, but as I prayed this morning, I just had this incredibly strong sense that someone I know and love feels stuck. I know a lot of people in different situations. People looking for jobs, people living at home that don't want to, people whose kids are living at home and they don't want them to (not mine, in case my kids are reading this . . . which they usually don't). I know people in miserable work situations, miserable friend situations, and even miserable home situations. And they feel stuck. Somehow, like moving forward seems right, but the steps needed to move forward feel impossible.

All that to say, if that is you, I prayed for you this morning.

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