Day 74: Great Doesn't Cover It

Well, for the first time in three posts, I didn't repeat the number of the day. I do not attribute this to the fact that I am sleeping more. I am not. I do not attribute it to the fact that I am more rested and "in the swing" of parenting toddlers. I am not. I attribute it to the fact that my coping skills are excellent and I have learned to look at what day I am on before I start writing now.

I have often heard it said that having a baby won't make your marriage stronger, it will strain it like it's never been strained before, and IF your marriage survives, it will be stronger. I have always believed that to be true. I still do.

I don't often talk about my husband's shortcomings (though he has a boatload! ha!) and I'm not going to today either. Instead, I want to say what an incredible man he has been in the last two weeks that we have had toddlers. Each day he calls me during the day to see how it is going. He calls me each day before he leaves work to see if we need anything. He does this even though the likelihood that I am going to snap his head off is high. And when I do snap his head off (b/c seriously, I'm used to corraling grown-ups, not 20 month olds and at the end of the day, I am DONE) he responds so lovingly.

He gets up in the middle of the night. He does dishes, fixes bottles, asks constantly what he can do to help. In a word he has simply been amazing. And, he hasn't asked about sex even one time (sorry, TMI for some of you, but seriously . . .) I'm so impressed with him.

My favorite thing that he does is that while I am bathing one child, he takes the other child for a walk and talks to them all about this incredible world that God has made for them and how much they are loved. And then we switch kids and he does it all over again.

All that to say, what a great husband. Actually, great doesn't cover it.

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