Day 71: An All-NIghter

It's funny how at different stages of your life that "pulling an all nighter" means something totally different. At my current stage of life, it means that our twins took turns being awake all night. And of course, they couldn't be awake at the same time. One would just be going back to sleep when the other one woke up.

Had I known they were not going to sleep their usual 12 hours through the night, I would have gone to bed at a respectable hour, but since I did not have that information, I have only myself to blame for my extreme tiredness today. I had just laid my head on my pillow at 11:40 when the first one woke up.

You forget things like this are a part of motherhood. Well, you forget a crap ton of things are a part of motherhood. Sleepless babies are just part of it.

Last night as I was trying to get baby N to sleep, she popped her head up off my shoulder and said, "Be Sweet." I say that to her and her sister all the time when they are being naughty, so she must have felt "a vibe" coming from me. It made me laugh. Out loud. Then she laughed out loud.

All that to say, I pulled an all nighter. And today could be a long day. I imagine the words "Be Sweet" will run through my head a lot. :)


  1. ...and you even forget how to count, too!
    Carol, you and Mike amaze me. I'm praying for you guys to have extra strength and energy and love for these little girls.

  2. Becky,
    I wanted to leave this as Day 70, just b/c I thought it was funny, but I changed it to 71!


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