Too Many Blonde Highlights

I got my hair highlighted on Monday. The girl I go to put some BIG chunky blonde highlights in my hair. So I think I will blame her for this event. For lack of a better phrase, and not to discredit my brilliant friends with blonde hair, I had yesterday, perhaps the most "blonde moment" I have ever had in my life.

I was driving down the road with my dad, step-mom and my husband. We were in my dad's car and I noticed when he put on his left turn signal that it was blinking insanely fast. I also noticed the car in front of us had the same super-fast blinking left turn signal. In my brain, I started processing this. You see, I drive a truck right now, and anytime I put on the left turn signal it blinks insanely fast. The noise from it is incredibly annoying.

So, wondering if there was some universal reason for why left turn signals blink insanely fast, I said, (I wish I was kidding) "I noticed that your left turn signal and the one in front of us blinks really fast. And it makes that super-fast clicking noise. My truck does that too. Do you think that's so blind people know which way they're turning?"

Everyone in the car started laughing, loudly. And my dad said, "No sister. I'm pretty sure it isn't so blind people know which way they're turning."

All that to say, shut up. You don't know me. I'm smart. Really. It was just a question. Not a well thought out one. But it doesn't negate the brilliant questions I ask All the time. :)

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  1. My sister-in-law was sitting with a group of co-workers who started discussing Marfan syndrome. There used to be a widely held belief that because he was so tall and gangly, Abraham Lincoln suffered from the syndrome. When Lincoln's name was mentioned, my sister-in-law said, "I wonder if that is what he died from?"

    There was a stunned silence in the room until one friend finally replied, "He was shot in the head."
    I'm not sure she ever lived that down.

    All that to're not alone.


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