The past few days I have been in Louisiana, at the home of my mother-in-law, doing a little early "spring" cleaning. While the process itself is not fun, and almost always leaves me covered in cat hair and battling a terrible allergy headache, I enjoy doing it. I think I enjoy it because I love to help her. But I also enjoy it because it is mindless. I don't have to really "think" to do it. I just clean, and scrub, and scrub and clean. And there are immediate results, so the whole instant gratification thing is there.

Oddly enough though, THINKING is what I seem to do the most during my mindless tasks.

The one thing I have discovered while doing my mindless tasks over the last few days is the healing balm of truth. You see, when you do mindless tasks, all those things you don't usually have time to "think" about . . . they come bubbling to the surface. And you ponder them. I have also had hours and hours and hours to pray. Something about scrubbing and praying just go together. And pondering and praying and cleaning . . . those lead to discovery and truth.

And truth leads to humility and revelation. Though I am now sick of thinking about things that get said and done in anger, mostly my own, that end up wrecking things, including relationships; I am at least glad I had so much time to devote to the thinking.

All that to say, I don't know what to say. I have words that need to be spoken, but I'm not really sure how to put them in an order that make sense. Imagine that. Me. Speechless.

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  1. I am going to follow you, just had a glimpse of what "All that to Say" is all about and it looks very interesting, and I think you have a wonderful family, and your adoption of the 2 little gals was the best thing that could happen to anyone, I love you comments on them on FB...Thanks for the invite..Karen


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