O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

I bought a Christmas tree a few weeks ago . . . if you can call it that. It is supposedly 6 feet tall, but I am taller than the tree, so I doubt it, but THE BOX it came in said it was 6 feet tall. My tree is pre-lit. I have never owned a pre-lit tree, but I have decided that I like it, the pre-lit part, I mean.

The day after Thanksgiving, we put up our tiny little tree, in our tiny little apartment. A friend who visited our apartment came in and said, "Awww, it's like Charlie Brown's tree." That pretty much sums up the tree. At the moment, it sits in the corner with no ornaments on it. (But the lights look pretty!) There is a reason it has no ornaments on it. A good reason I think. I bought some red balls to put on it, but I cannot bring myself to hang them on the tree.

Here is my problem. Over the course of the 27 years I have been married, I have accumulated many Christmas ornaments. Many of them represent places we have lived, vacations we have taken, activities our children have been involved in, milestones in our life like births of our children, graduations, and so on. They look and feel like home.

So to hang red balls on the tree just makes my heart hurt.

That is why my poor little tree is sitting with no ornaments on it. I thought about decorating it with a theme, but that just seems crazy to go out and buy a bunch of new ornaments. I thought I might throw a "bring an ornament for my tree" party, but my apartment is too small to have a party. So, I am still looking at this poor empty tree. It needs ornaments. Back in Georgia, I have a lifetime worth of ornaments. Back in Georgia, I would have a Christmas tree filled with ornaments that just make my tree look all homey and warm.

All that to say, I wouldn't mind it much if my house sold, and I could have all my stuff. And, my tree wouldn't mind it much either.

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