Let It Snow

I lived in Georgia for 3 years (almost), and in that three years, I saw snow twice, no three times. All three times, the snow fell for a couple of hours, just a few inches, if that, but it lasted for about a day. I never saw a SINGLE snowman, ever, in those three years or in those three snows.

Today, it is snowing in Texas. And the thing I love about Texas snow is that it doesn't happen very often (at least in the parts where I have lived . . . I know in some parts of Texas it snows BIG, just not my part of Texas!). But the fact that it doesn't snow much here in The Woodlands, makes it so special when it does snow. It makes everyone happy. People run around and take photos with their cell phones, and act crazy, and scream "It's Snowing!" like we can't all see the snow for ourselves!

But perhaps the best thing about living in Texas when it snows is that EVERYONE has to make a snowman. But because the snow doesn't last long on the ground, the only place it really accumulates is on cars, so you see ALL these cars with snowmen on them. It is hysterical. I saw several tonight as I was driving around.

All that to say, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas . . . no way. . . well, maybe? (PS - I took this pic while driving. I saw probably 10 cars parked on the side of the road take photos!)


  1. Hmmm...that snowman picture looks awfully familiar.

  2. LOL. I knew you would say that! I laughed when I saw it and just so, "Yep, Kevin IS a Texan!"


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