Got a Lot of Love

Another year of "cookies" has come and gone, and as promised I am posting some pics. Of course, if you are on facebook, then you have seen the pics and know the story. This is a picture of the finalists from the judging. Zack won with the "gay candy cane" and Sarah was one vote short of winning with her "Beautiful Christmas Tree." Christina got one vote with "Goldilocks" and Jacob got one vote with "Picasso's Angel."

The other photo you see are all of Mike's creations. He was a riot! Uncharacteristically silly. He even did an Emeril impersonation! He goes more for the quantity than quality! He said he was winning the prize for "most number of cookies decorated." When we told him there wasn't an award for that he just laughed at us and said, "Bam!"

All that to say, I love my family more than I have words to speak. I think we might be a lot to take, but for the girls who end up marrying into this family, we have a lot of love to share! Cookies '09 awaits. As does another incredible year with my fam.

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