Gettin' a Little Ticked

I saw on the news this morning that the Big 3 Auto guys are asking Congress for . . . you guessed it . . . a buy out . . . or yet another GIANT loan to keep their sorry butts from going under. (I"m sorry. I probably shouldn't say "sorry butts." They might be perfectly wonderful people who get up early and work hard every day. But "sorry butts" makes a much more dramatic statement. :) )

I have an idea to combat this "depression" that we are in (that's what they called it). What if they took all the money that they have given to these major cash cow corporations (literally, all of it) and instead gave it to the American public? That way those people who can't pay off the ridiculous mortgages that lending institutions gave them . . .well, maybe they could pay them off. And then if they could pay off their loans, then maybe the lending institutions would be going belly up. But even if Americans didn't use the money to pay off their debt, I'm pretty sure the vacations they took with the money would cost a lot less than $450 THOUSAND dollars!!!!

Imagine the activity in our economy that would take place if these billions of dollars they are giving away went into our pockets?

And now the Big 3 need a loan? Do you think if they get a loan from the government that they are going to lower the price of their cars? I don't!

Who's next? Airlines? Do they need a loan? Pottery Barn? Walmart? Hell, let's just give everybody a loan! Aarrrgh!

There is this little piece of me that thinks somehow, no matter what they do, we are going to end up paying for it through our taxes, WHICH by the way, we are SUPPOSED to be getting a break on. Hmmmmmm, don't see that happening. That money's gotta come from somewhere people, it's not like we can just print more, you know? (Well, technically we can, but you know what I mean.)

All that to say, I'm gettin' a little ticked about all this. No body is helping me out just because I can't pay my bills. (Well, actually I can pay my bills, thankfully, but if I couldn't, this would be a way better sentence!)

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