Feelings and Faithfulness

I woke up this morning with just this overwhelming sense of gratitude and thankfulness. It was an odd sensation, truthfully. Not to say that I am never grateful or thankful, but today, I felt it. The closest thing I can relate it to (which admittedly is weird, but still) is that feeling you get when you step from a cold bathroom into a warm shower, and that warm water rushes all over your body. That's what it felt like. I could actually feel this presence of gratitude, this presence of thankfulness.

Maybe you have no idea what I am talking about, and that's okay if you don't, but it was really cool. So me, being me, I tried to think of what I was so grateful for and why I was so thankful, but it's not like things just started springing to my mind. In fact, the only thing that really came to my mind was how overwhelmingly grateful I am for God. Truth is, if I had to put that feeling into words, I would say I felt awash with being in love with God.

Nothing prompted these emotions. I wasn't listening to worship music or reading my Bible, I could just feel this presence. It was so comforting. And the second I said the word comforting (to myself) I realized that the presence I felt was the Holy Spirit, it had to be.

All that to say, God is so faithful. I have not been grateful or thankful lately. I have been lonely. I have been empty at times. I have been angry. I have been irrational. I have been sad. And though many of these emotions have been directed at God, His response to me was to comfort me.

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