Day 55: Licensed to Kill

Today is Mike's last day. And it's his first day.

For the last several years, he has worked in a difficult work environment. And prior to that, he worked for the same company for almost the entire 30 years of our married life. He went from a job he loved to get up and go to every day to a job that he endured. And he did it for me.

He did it because I missed my kids. He did it because I missed Texas. He did it because I could not picture myself happy in Georgia. He did it because he loved me.

And now, it's my turn to support him.

Tomorrow, Mike will start his own pest control company, called Maximum Pest Management. He's well qualified for the work, considering he has a degree in Entomology (the study of insects), and he has been published in world renowned journals for his studies in the areas of residential insects. He's trained hundreds if not thousands of employees around the nation on how to safely and effectively apply pest control products. He has been recruited by the State of Texas and the Federal Government to serve on some pretty important pest management problems caused from little bugs that slipped into our country on big shipments. And if that's not enough experience to run his own company, he worked in management for a very large pest control specialty company for almost 30 years.

The one thing he hasn't had up to this point is the willingness to take a risk. You see, he's kind of ummmm . . . shall we say . . . risk averse. So this big gigantic step is a BIG GIGANTIC step for him.

But I know he's got what it takes. And we live in Texas, the home of humidity and heat (two things bugs just seem to love!)

All that to say, I'm living with a killer. And he's licensed to kill! (That sounds so mysterious and intriguing)


  1. Wow! Mike's are awesome husbands! :) I am praying for Mike's new business and for him to have peace about the limb he is stepping out on.

  2. Oops- Mikes, not Mike's in 1st sentence :)

  3. SO good. This is SO good! We are thrilled. Yes, things will be newdifferentexciting all at once AND in stages. Awesome things on the horizon! From sacrifice to service . . . You will always have our prayers and support. Love you!

    (This is what we call the "freedom to prosper!")

  4. Oh, and this must be the day for double posts: Really make the most of the mystery and the intrigue!!


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