Day 49: The Lord Giveth . . .

On Day 37, my post was "I'm Lovin' It." A short 3 weeks later and my post is, The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh away. Alas, our nanny only made it three short weeks.

I thought about not blogging her exit, but I thought since I blogged her entrance into our family, and since I try to be as transparent as I can be with you, my faithful readers, that I would share that we are now nannyless. :( Boo.

I'm so torn about what to do. Clearly, everyone believes that private in-home care is better for them, but there is also the risk that ANOTHER new nanny will only make it for a few weeks, and then she, too, will exit their lives. And if there is anything in life they DON'T NEED, it is people exiting their lives.

So, here we are.

The girls were really just getting used to sleeping in, eating a leisurely breakfast, and all that accompanies NOT having to be awakened at the crack of dawn and hitting the ground running.

At this point, we will most likely put them back in their little day care/preschool. The owner there is so nice, and when I called to tell her what happened, she was so nice and gracious about us coming back.

All that to say, I do trust that God has plans and purpose in all of this. Sometimes, I just wished my road map showed where we were going, and not just where we had been. I guess that's why they say life is an adventure.

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