Day 46: Good Medicine

When Zack and Jacob were little, they were just never interested in Band-aids. Well, technically Zack was disinterested. Jacob was downright phobic. When he would fall down and get hurt, if he saw blood, he would cry. Not because he was bleeding. Oh No. He would start crying immediately and say, "No band-aid please. No band-aid please." To this day, he still doesn't like band-aids. I don't think he fears them (I haven't really asked in years) but I don't think he likes them.

So, having two little ones who LOVE them is a new experience. Usually, when they bring me a band-aid (where DO they keep finding these things?!), I say, "No. We aren't going to pretend like we need band-aids. Band-aids are for when you are really hurt."

But for some reason, yesterday, I gave in.

This is one of those stories that is so much funnier in person, but I'm going to attempt to tell it.

So, yesterday I gave in. I opened the band-aid and put it on Shortstack's imaginary boo-boo on her shin. She trotted off quite happy with her treasure.

But then I put Nitro's band-aid on her imaginary boo-boo on her knee, and her reaction to the band-aid made me laugh so hard, I cried and then almost peed my pants.

I took her off my lap and set her down on the floor, and the second her foot hit the ground (the one on the "injured" leg)she started limping like her leg literally was going to fall off. Her limp was so impressive that the second her foot would try to take a step, she would IMMEDIATELY pick it back up. (Think of a cat with a piece of tape on it's paw!)

She even whined and whimpered like her leg was about to fall off. I mean, she had it DOWN. She gives a whole new meaning to the words DRAMA QUEEN!

Tonight, I let Zack and Christina witness this experience. And sure enough, once again, the "injured" leg became immediately unable to sustain ANY weight. They laughed until they cried!

Oh how I wish I had a video to show you! This retelling simply does not do it justice!

All that to say, laughter is good, good medicine.

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  1. Ha! Sounds like Jacob and my son Ryan have a lot in common when it comes to band-aids!


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