Day 52: Slack

"You might try cutting yourself some slack."

Sometimes the simplest sentence carries the greatest amount of weight.

So simple. Right? Why didn't I think of that?

Cut myself some slack.

The girl's psychologist said that to me today. He said, "I want you to look at these kids. Really look at them. They are happy. They are healthy. They are well-adjusted. They are content. They are joyful. They are loved. They are loving little people. Now think back to who they were a year ago. You have done extremely well under extremely difficult circumstances. You might try cutting yourself some slack."

Isn't it funny how sometimes just stepping back and putting things into perspective makes such a difference?

All that to say, I might try cutting myself some slack.


  1. I totally agree! From time to time I need to lighten up and refresh my perspective too. Thanks for your nudge to cut myself some slack. So appreciate you!

  2. Funny how I read this at just the right moment...

  3. Ava asked about the girls today & I told her that they were at Mimi's bc that was where they lived. She thought about it for a minute and retorted..."I want to live at Mimi's too. I want go to sleep by them."


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