Day 80: Dolls

I realized today that it has been almost two weeks since I have blogged. I have not blogged primarily because I do not have a second in any day that is not consumed with either working or taking care of babies. Even after they have gone to sleep, I have been cleaning out lunch boxes and diaper bags and preparing them for the next day. I have been washing baby clothes and washing more baby clothes and taking out trash cans filled with diapers and picking up the millions of tiny toys that now litter my home. And FINALLY, when all that is done, I fall into bed exhausted, too exhausted to blog or do anything else but sleep.

Nothing is really different tonight, but I just decided I would blog. I'm sitting directly across from a pile of washed and dried baby clothes that are still waiting to be folded and put away, but I don't even care! (Well, I sorta do care, but I'm not gonna fold them right now.)

We took the girls to the store today to buy them baby dolls. We felt like they needed to have some black babydolls in addition to the many white ones that they have. I don't know why we feel that way, but it seemed right, so we headed out to Toys R Us. Baby "N" was absolutely enamored with the sweet babydolls, but Baby "S" was having nothing to do with them. It was really quite funny.

In the end we bought them both a black babydoll. Once we got in the car, Baby "S" decided she did indeed like the doll and threw a fit to have it in the car. Somedays there is no pleasing that girl!

All that to say, everyday is a new experience for us. We've never shopped for babydolls before. Unless you count the "My Buddy" doll that Zack had, and Jacob's Cabbage Patch Preemie named "Hanibel."

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