Day 82: God Has a Thing About Three

I believe that each of us were created with three very distinct purposes that were hard-wired into us. I'm not a theologian, heck I can't even say theologian (and probably can't spell it either) so I'm not saying this is based on some higher education that I have. It's just my opinion.

But I think that we were created to love Jesus, live in community with others, and serve. I think all three of these things are evident in Eden, before sin entered the world, so I believe God intended them to be a part of our makeup from the beginning.

He wanted us to love Him. And, He knew we needed other humans, so He created us to live in community. And He wanted us to serve Him and others. It's all there in Genesis.

So whenever I encounter someone who tells me that they feel like something is missing in their life, it's usually one of these three things.

Sometimes I feel like something is missing in my own life.

I love Jesus with all my heart and mind and soul and strength and pray I live a life that reflects that love. But sometimes, I still feel lonely, alone, lost, afraid, purposeless, restless. I feel like "something" is missing and I can't quite put my finger on what that "something" is.

Most often it is that I am disconnected from God. My time alone with Him has become rote or worse than that, non-existent.

Other times it's because I have isolated myself from friends and family, hiding a burden deep in my heart, not living in real authentic community, and that's what I am missing.

But many, many times it is because I have stopped serving others. My needs, my desires, my to-do list becomes more important than serving others, and not just others who are less fortunate. Self-centerdness takes over and I become so ME focused that I become lost in myself . . . perhaps the loneliest place of all.

I think having our little babies for these short weeks has reopened my eyes to what it means to serve others. I don't think everyone has to foster a child to live out their purpose, but I think we have to do something, at least once in our life, that so radically disrupts us that we get "connected" to what we created for.

Love God, Live in Community, Serve Others

All that to say, Love, Live, Serve. God has a thing about three. Shauna, do you see a theme?

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