Day 84: Searching

We are all searching. Searching for significance, searching for "the one," searching for a job, searching for a roommate, a place to live, a buyer for our house, a friend, a date, the right dress, the right shoes, or even the right words. We are searching for justice and compassion and love and hope. We are searching.

Sometimes our search feels so in vain. And the more elusive that for which we search becomes, the harder we search, the more invested we become, until that THING that we search for consumes us.

We become consumed by the search itself.

I have spent the last three days in search of wisdom. I believe this is what Jesus would have me do. And yet, I don't feel consumed. I feel hopeful. I feel loved. I feel valued. Don't know that I feel wise yet, but perhaps that will come.

All that to say, we are all searching for something.

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