Day 81: Already Missing Them

I haven't blogged much this month as I find the only times of the day I have to blog are when toddlers are sleeping. And when they are sleeping I have too many other things to accomplish.

But they woke up at 5:00 this morning and I stayed awake after that. So here I am.

I have such mixed emotions these days. The girls will most likely be leaving us soon, possibly as soon as next week, but it could be longer. Only God knows.

Our home is a wreck most of the time, strewn with toys and half-eaten books and forgotten diapers (I know, right?, but sometimes you get busy and forget)and empty bottles and piles of laundry.

Our home is rarely quiet. It is filled with the sounds of laughing babies, crying babies, screaming babies, delighted babies, angry babies, hurt babies, babies having nightmares in the middle of the night, babies demanding to be held and loved.

Our home is not the same place it was 7 weeks ago. It is a busier place, a dirtier place, a louder place, but a better place.

Something about our sweet babies have knitted us together in a new way.

All that to say, I already miss them.


  1. I think your place sounds a lot like Jesus.

  2. i don't even have words carol.
    what a beautiful love.


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