Day 12: Forever

Today was an incredibly big day in the life of our family, and more specifically in the life of our two little girls.  And for the sake of the birth mother's privacy, I will not divulge the details of the day's events.  But because I saw that over 100 people have viewed my blog already today, I kinda sorta knew that people were looking for some information.

In April of 2010, two little twin girls came to live in our home, where they found safety, and security, and stability, and deep love.  Their lives prior to that time were lives of turmoil.  If you let your minds wander to very difficult and dark places, you would most likely encounter a piece of their past.

After 11 weeks with us, they left our home because we were by name a "rescue" family.  Which simply means that their stay with us was designed to be temporary until a more permanent home could be found for them.  Through a series of events they ended up back in the home of their birth mom who called me one day to come back and get them.  We have had them ever since.

I cannot recall the exact moment that I knew that God was calling us to adopt them, but both Mike and I knew that when they came back to our home the second time, they were supposed to be ours forever.  This was confirmed through so many people and so many prayers.  So, after almost a year of them living in our home, we filed for permanent legal custody.

Since that day, we have had to keep our eyes focused on our Creator because everything else was just too much to handle.  "One day at a time," He would say over and over to me in my quiet times alone with Him.  "I've got this," He would say when I felt the need to control things.  "Just trust me, Carol," He would say when I doubted.

So yesterday was an incredible day.  A day that legally paved the way for them to be forever ours. 

But I cannot forget that while yesterday was a beautifully joyful day for us, it was an incredibly difficult day for a young mom who made a very difficult and selfless decision for these two girls.  I know that her heart must be heavy this morning.  And while people are telling us, "Congratulations!" and "What a miracle!" there is no one in her life telling her the things she needs to hear.  So please pray for her today.  Just pray for Mama K and ask God to comfort her heart and to always tell her what a great thing she did today.

All that to say, Forever.  It's a big word, and one I doubted I might ever hear in the context of our daughters.  Thank you God that you are a God that works miracles.


  1. Praise and glory to the Lord that N & S are officially in their forever home with a Mommy and a Daddy who love them so very much!!! And he didn't just give them a Mommy and a Daddy, but also 2 very special big brothers and a very special sister-in-law!!! I am so happy for you!!!

    I know so well the bittersweet feeling you mention. When I saw Samuel's birth mom's relinquishment papers I cried and cried. I was happy for us, but so very sad for her. A true picture of the term bitter sweet. I will be praying for Mama K on every remembrance, just as I do for Samuel's birth mom.

    Much love to you and your entire family,

  2. Love. I don't think there's any other word to use. In so many contexts in so many ways for so many reasons. Love this, love them, love her, love to you. Just love.


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