Day 10: Streams

Sometimes, when I am lost in the midst of a mundane task, oh say, like putting on make-up or blow drying my hair, I let my mind wander, often onto very stupid inane thoughts.

My stream of consciousness this morning:

(In the background I hear Nitro say she wants a cupcake for breakfast, and Mike says she can't have one, but that maybe I'll make muffins for breakfast tomorrow.)

Why is it okay to eat muffins for breakfast but not cupcakes?  I mean, cupcakes are just muffins with frosting.

Why does the thought of broccoli for breakfast sound so gross?  I mean, I like broccoli.  Or for that matter, why does the thought of dinner for breakfast sound so horrible, when we eat breakfast for dinner all the time?

 I start to put on my make-up

It cannot be good for my skin to rub it so much in the process of putting on make-up.  They should invent a way to put on make-up that doesn't actually require you to touch your skin at all!  Oh yeah, they have.  I saw that infomerical on airbrush make-up.  How is it that airbrush makeup gets on your skin but not your clothes?  I don't get that.

I wash the make-up off my hands.

Why can't they make a bathroom faucet that doesn't get water spots?  For real.  Women have been trying to get the water spots off of bathroom faucets for decades.  Instead of making cleaners that we can clean it with, (cleaners that eat your skin off by the way!) why don't they just make a faucet that won't get spotty?

If I was brilliant, I would totally invent that faucet and women everywhere would say my name with reverence! HA.

Ugh, it's going to be a nasty weather day.  Guess I better use the anti-humitidy products today.  Maybe I'll just put my hair up.  No.  I've worn it up the last few days.  Mike's probably sick of my hair being up.  See, they can invent "anti-humidity" hair products, but they can't invent an "anti-spot" faucet.

All that to say, I just wanted you all to know that my brain does not draw a spiritual analogy from everything!  Sometimes I just think dumb thoughts.

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