Day 8: That's My Jesus Oil

We had a healing service tonight at our church.  For those of you who might not understand this, it means that we gathered together, worshipped Jesus, and asked God to heal our afflictions, whether emotional, physical or spiritual.

We took the girls with us for a couple of reasons.  One, because they love to sing.  And Wednesdays are a good night for little children to be in the service.  It's a lot less formal.  And two, because they still struggle with some things in their past (emotionally struggle) and we wanted to ask God to heal their precious little hearts and minds.

As we waited for the portion of the service where they would invite people forward for prayer, Shortstack noticed all of the musicians on the stage.  She said, "Mama, is he playing his piano for Jesus?"  And I said, "Yes."

"Is that one playing his drums for Jesus?"

"Yes."  (in my head I thought, "There is a keyboard player, a pianist, a drummer, 3 guitar players and a vocalist on stage, I wonder if she is going to ask me if every SINGLE one of them is playing for Jesus.") . . . she did.

"Is he playing his guitar for Jesus?  Is he playing his guitar for Jesus?  Is he playing his guitar for Jesus?  Is she singing for Jesus?"  YES, YES Oh my gosh YES!

She sat quietly for a minute and then she said, "Mama, Jesus is so so happy right now."


Then, at the portion of the service where we were invited to come forward for healing, we went.  And the elder who prayed over us annointed each of our foreheads with oil.  Shortstack was in awe.  Nitro wanted to touch everyone's oil. :)

As we walked out of the worship center at the end of the prayer time, Shortstack ever so lightly touched her forehead and said, "That's my Jesus oil.  It's from Jesus."


All that to say, I love the sweet and innocent way little children talk about Jesus.  They're just in such awe of everything about Him.  Maybe that's why He tells us to be like a little child.

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  1. Sometimes I jump over to your blog and I think... How did she know I needed that? Love this. Love those girls. Thanks for sharing.


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