Day 84: Still

I was thinking today about how often I ask God to rescue me or someone I love from something.

I got this picture in my mind of someone needing to be rescued from the ocean, in the middle of a terrible storm, crashing waves, big winds, etc.

As their rescuer approached, they did what any person in this situation would do.  They started moving toward the rescuer, and then tried to help the rescuer rescue them.  And, as we have all seen in the movies, this rarely works out well for either the person needing to be rescued or the rescuer.

Logically, we know we should just be still and let the rescuer do their thing, but instinct and the need to survive takes over and we end up "helping."

We cry out to God to be rescued.  He says, "Be Still."

We cry out to God for help.  He says, "Be Still."

We cry out to God for peace.  He says, "Be Still."

All that to say, imagine if just for a moment, we were actually still. I am not good at still.  But you know what God says to me when I say, "I'm not good at still, Lord.  Tell me what I can do to help."  He says, "Be Still."

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  1. I love this...this is a message that I hear God tell me LOTS...when I get anxiety...or my OCD kicks in...or I feel like I need to do what ever it is...AT THAT MOMENT...I am told to just be still!!!


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