Day 76: GULP

I have been noticeably absent in blog land for quite some time.  In part, because I have had so much to say, but could say very little, and in part because I wasn't sure what I would say, if I could say anything.

Many of you have followed our journey with the girls for quite some time now.  From the very early days when we had them in our home, and then relinquished them into the care of another; to the day when they came back to live in our home again.

Throughout this journey you have been an encouragement to us.  Your words, so filled with life-giving encouragement have often come on days that seemed the darkest. 

On Friday, we officially asked the court system to allow us the opportunity to adopt the girls. (How's that for an artistic segue?)

We have no assurances of how this will turn out,.  The cost of this, both financially and emotionally will be high.  So we ask you to pray alongside us as we follow God's leading.

All that to say, gulp.

PS - As a confirmation to my heart that we are doing the very best possible thing for our girls, Shortstack spontaneously started calling me "Mama" on Friday.  smile.


  1. I have so many thoughts... but to keep it simple (because I know that's how you roll), I'll say this- you are not alone, you are (and have been) covered in prayer. I cannot wait to see how God continues to work in this. Praying for you "mama".

  2. Praying dear friend...I just went to a benefit last night to raise money for two families at the church who did just what you've been doing. Different story, different walk, but we pray the same end result. One of the families was just granted custody this Wednesday. As your journey has been, there were ups and downs and many dark days but both these girls are now in loving families they can call theirs. We will pray and I know God will answer the prayers, in His perfect time.

  3. this makes me smile!!! It was good seeing yall this weekend...I hope Nitro got to feeling better!!!


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