Day 83: Lest You Think It's All Funny Stories and Sweet Moments

I decided to buy groceries with the girls yesterday.  I let them take a good long nap (just to be sure they were going to be in a good mood).  Normally they enjoy the grocery store.  Normally I enjoy them enjoying the grocery store.

Not so much.

First of all, I'm an IDIOT!  What was I thinking trying to buy groceries on Sunday afternoon?!!!!  I think every person in town was at the store, and they got there 5 minutes before me and bought all the stuff I wanted/needed to buy . . . I digress.

As we entered the store, they had an HEB BUDDY station set up in the produce section and gave the girls the cutest little tiny green apples.  These cute little apples entertained them for about 1/2 the store.  And then it all turned for the worse.

Shortstack decided it would be fun to rub her half-eaten apple all over the basket, while taking bites in between.  She'd rub it on the filthy basket, then take a bite.  GROSS!!!!

When I tried to take it away from her, she hit me with it.  Multiple times, in fact, before I could grab it from her.  When I finally managed to pry it from her (remarkably strong) little toddler hands, she screeched the most blood curdling screech you have ever heard.  Needless to say, that garnered a few stares.

Having been their mom for a while now, I am used to such show downs and am equally as use to such stares from people in the store.  She screamed and cried and snotted and blew snot bubbles at me for almost 20 minutes.  I probably should have just gone home.  But at that point I had over a half a cart of groceries and I was GOING TO FINISH SHOPPING!

Finally, I succumbed to her screams and put Barney on the iphone and shopped the rest of the grocery store in peace. (Seriously how did I parent my first set of kids without an iphone?)

Once home, I discovered that Nitro (who just recently learned how to blow her own nose) had been blowing her nose in the back seat, without a tissue!!!!  I heard the noise, but thought she was sniffling from her stuffy nose.  I was wrong.  I will spare you the description of what that looked like.  But she'd been doing it for over 5 minutes, so . . .

I finally got all the groceries put away, tried to cook dinner, managed a full blown, full restraint temper tantrum that lasted well over 30 minutes, and then I cried.  (After reading this several times, I realized I should probably say the temper tantrum was not mine!)

All that to say, I write this lest you think it's all funny stories and sweet moments.  Our babies have special needs.  Often needs I cannot meet or understand.  I think that's why I have learned to treasure the good moments and focus on those.

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