Day 82: Jesus Has a Tummy Ache

Ever since last week when the girls heard the story of Jonah at church, Shortstack has been obsessed with the notion that Jesus has a tummy ache.  This notion came because the teacher told her that the whale must have had a bad tummy ache from swallowing up Jonah!  I guess she got all the whale, Jonah, Jesus data mixed up and it came out as "Jesus has a tummy ache."

So, despite my best efforts to assure her that Jesus is just fine and does in fact NOT have a tummy ache, she is very worried about him.

Today, on our way home from church, she was singing The Farmer in the Dell when all the sudden she said, "Jesus tummy hurt bad.  He not go to church.  He not see Martin.  He not see Kim.  He not dance."  (apparently we dance at our church, and well, if you have a tummy ache, you shouldn't dance).

I tried to convince her that Jesus was just fine.  I told her that he was perfect and that he never got sick.

She challenged me.  She said, "He have a TUMMY ACHE."  (She was quite emphatic)  I assured her that he was perfect.  That he never got in trouble or did anything wrong.  I assured he that he never missed church and that he never got sick.

She looked at me.  Still unconvinced.

She started singing again.  "HA HA" (I said in my most victorious voice . . . in my brain) "I win!  She has conceded that I am correct.   Jesus is alive and well."

As we were wrapping up our lunch, she looked over at me, smiled the most mischievous smile, and said, "Jesus has a tummy ache." 

OMgosh!  Are you kidding me?  I give up.  I suppose that Jesus, son of God and man, could have, at some point in his life here on earth, had a tummy ache.

All that to say, there is no convincing a toddler when she's made up her mind!

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