Day 59: I Write

Blogging is a weird animal. In a very public forum, we bloggers pour out our hopes and dreams and struggles and victories. We allow you, our readers, to take a small peek into our hearts and minds, hoping that the things you find there will in some way impact your life.

But we don't always write for your benefit. Sometimes we write for our own benefit, because we need a second chance to rethink, reevaluate, and relive moments in our lives that warrant a second look.

Sometimes those second looks are joyous celebrations, memories of happy moments that we need to cherish just a little longer before we file them away.

And sometimes those second looks are an opportunity to reevaluate our thoughts, our words, or our deeds.

But there are times when I write because it affords me the opportunity to dive deep within myself; hoping, longing for, desperately needing a different answer than the one my conscious mind has supplied.

I find that I can torment myself with my thoughts. I can let them run rampant until they have ravaged my mind and very often my heart, as well. But when I write those thoughts down, when they become words on a page, they are easier to sort and discard.

So I write. I write about love and family and hurt and despair and joy and deep sorrow.

And you read, though I'm not totally sure why you do.

All that to say, I have a million thoughts running through my mind tonight, but I shall try and take them captive before they capture me first.

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