Day 15: Throwing in Rocks

I have heard of and read many differing opinions about moral development in children over the years. And though there are many differing opinions about the age at which kids' brains go from wet cement to hardened concrete, all studies agree that early moral development gives kids the best shot at living lives that show a respect for things like rules, care for others, justice, right from wrong, and that's just to name a few.

So, if I go with the idea of a child's brain being wet cement, then I should know that the key ingredients of cement are sand and water and rocks. Lots and lots of rocks.

When we pour into the life of a child, we are throwing in rocks. Throwing in rocks. Rocks that will help form in them a love for others. Help form in them an ability to trust others. Form in them the ability to discern right from wrong.

And though these little children I have right now might never be mine, I still have to throw in rocks. Because if I keep at it, I might throw in enough rocks to drown out the other rocks that have been put in their little heads.

And though i really do "get" that we're doing some good here by throwing in our rocks, I confess sometimes I really do want to throw rocks. Actual rocks. Not figurative rocks. And I want to throw rocks at a system and a world that lets babies endure all the things our babies have had to endure and might still have to endure. I want to throw big fat heavy rocks. And I want to swear really hard while throwing said rocks.

All that to say, I think Forest Gump said it right when he said some days there just aren't enough rocks.

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