Day 14: A Ride of Life

I would love to say that the last week of my life, during my absenteeism from this blog, has been mundane and boring. Ah, but alas, my life is never mundane and boring, so there you go.

So much has happened that I wish I could tell you, my faithful readers, about but suffice it to say this . . .

We have been riding a roller coaster for many many months now. A roller coaster that we chose to board. A roller coaster for which we purchased a ticket. A roller coaster that at anytime we could have chosen to disembark.

But our hearts would immediately override any decision our minds might make to exit the ride.

So we ride.

And the highs are so high. And the lows are so low.

All that to say, tough decisions are having to be made these days. Please pray for the sweet Mama who is having to make them.

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