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It's been 4 steady months of change here in the Jones household.  Job changes, foster babies, companies being started, companies being sold, family visitors, dietary changes, workout routines . . . the list seems endless and exhausting.

But little by little, we are finding our footing and moving forward in the direction we believe God is pointing us.

My work as a freelance writer is growing by leaps and bounds, and many new opportunities seem to be opening.  I have some very steady clients that are incredibly wonderful people doing really great things out in the world, and I feel very blessed to have their trust (as well as the income they provide!)

One new thing that is literally right around the corner (MARCH) is the launching of That Carol Jones.  It will be a comprehensive website that will be a portal, of sorts, to all different kinds of blogs, eBooks and other very interesting mind candy for you.

We are still in the planning stage of what all will be included in the launch of That Carol Jones, (and by we, I mean those of us over here at Benchmark Creative Resources).

For sure, this blog, All That To Say, will be there.
There will be a blog related to the Adoption Journey called What Color is Family.
There will be an "as yet unnamed" parenting blog.  (I'd love you to help me name this!)

And I'm toying with some fun things as well, like For the Love of Cheese and Bacon, a cooking blog about . . . well . . . cheese and bacon and who knows what else?  I'm open to suggestions!

All that to say, there's a lot going on over here at Chez Jones, and a lot coming around the corner.  Stay tuned. :)

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