Use Your Powers for Good

In the news a few weeks ago, on  EVERY.  MAJOR. NETWORK.  was the story of the little girls who got a puppy by getting a million "likes" on Facebook.

One million people took the time to post a picture of people who were most likely strangers to them, and then "liked" the photo and asked their friends to do the same.

One million people.  In 13 hours.

That's a lot of power for something as simple as a puppy.  

As I read and study the power of social media (preparing for the launch of in March) I am amazed, truly amazed, at the power of social media.

The power to do tremendous good.

The power to do tremendous harm.

The power to waste our time and wreck our marriages.

The power to cause us grief, envy, loneliness, and anger.

The power to lead inauthentic lives and to encourage others to do the same.

But also, the power to help others,  join a cause, overturn a conviction, stop a law, start a law, free slaves, get a puppy.

It's pretty heady stuff.

All that to say,  "Use your powers for good young Skywalker.  Use your powers for good."

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