Don't Stop Dreamin'

Some time ago, I blogged about connecting with someone who was a perfect stranger to me and how it felt like I'd known her for years.  I don't know if I felt like that because of where I was personally and spiritually at the time,  but nonetheless, that talk was one of those kind of moments that sticks with you for a while, you know?

Since that time I have stalked her on facebook and twitter read a few things she's written, and we've shared an email or two.  She is one smart woman (or at the least, she is incredibly well read!) Just Google her, Alli Worthington, and you'll see what I mean.  She's actually published a book about using your iPhone camera (some very helpful tips!)

So when she asked if I'd heard of Kid President, I had to Google him really quick like, and soon discovered why he's blowing up You Tube, Facebook, and pretty much every one's blog.

But just in case you've been fastbooking, or living under a rock, and you've missed him, check him out!  Best line ever . . . "Don't stop dreamin', unless your dream is stupid."

All that to say, thanks Alli.  I spent far too much time watching his videos.  But felt totally pep talked afterward!

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