Day 24: Micromanaging

Mike, you know how much I love you.  You married me.  You gave me two beautiful sons and then allowed two beautiful daughters into our lives.  I'm so grateful to you.  I really am.

Would you help me?  I need you so much.  You are the only one who can help me.  I need a bigger house.  Of course if you give it to me, I'll praise your name.  I'll tell all my friends what a great husband you are.  If you'll just get me a bigger house, I won't ask you for anything else.  I won't.  And you just can't imagine how grateful I will be.  It's just that you know how much I need a bigger house. And you told me when I married you that you would fulfill all my dreams.  So, I'm asking.

Also, I worry that we will run out of money.  No you've never allowed us to run out of money in our entire married life.  You've never given me any reason to believe I should be worried about a place to sleep or food to eat or clothes to wear.  But I can't help but worry.  I'm worried.  Deal with it.

And while I'm thinking about it, I'm kind of curious about some decisions you've made lately about running our family.  I mean, of course I trust you, it's just that I wish you would do things my way instead of yours.  I'm clearly an intelligent woman.  So how about if we just do things my way for a while and see where that gets u?  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

And I guess while I'm at it, I would like to talk about the way you've been interacting with other people.  In short, I don't like it.  You the man of my dreams.  I fell in love with you because you were so loving and kind and gentle, and yet . . . lately . . .you haven't been so loving and kind and gentle in my opinion.  Yeah, I get the whole, you're the leader of our family, but really, tough love?

I think you should find our son a job when he graduates from school.  I think you should do everything in your power to help our parents and brothers and sisters be well, and wealthy, and safe.

I think you make sure the details of our adoption fall into place.  That's not a bad thing.  Surely you can manage that for us, right?

I also think you should do everything in your power to make sure we are all happy.  Happy, and healthy, and safe.  You're the man.  You're the husband.  The Father.  Just do it. 

. . .

All that to say, I feel like I have this conversation a lot . . . only with God, not my husband.  Pretty sure He's not a fan of my micromanaging either.

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