Day 27: Annie Dee

My grandmother Annie Dee was such a wise woman and so madly in love with Jesus. She died when she was 96 years old, and she taught me so much about loving people and loving God and loving life.

She said things all that time that were so incredibly deep, though in truth I don't know that she ever thought about her words being deep or wise or anything of the sort. But they were.

As far as I ever saw, she was not much of a grudge holder, and she didn't take too well to people who were. She used to say that life was too short to have it drained away by things like jealousy and anger. So, she just didn't get jealous or angry. (Or maybe she did, but she didn't stay that way long for me to ever notice it!)

She only loved one man in her life.  He was the man of her dreams. I didn't know him at all because he died when I was a tiny baby.  But I imagine that if he captured her heart and held it for the 40 years she was alive after his death, he must have been pretty special. 

(She did marry again, much later in life, but she "thought" it was just for companionship . . . and when she realized "he" had other ideas, she was having none of that!)

I remember many  things about this woman, but I especially remember how fiercely she loved her children.  FIERCELY.

I hope that I am like her, loving Jesus madly, loving one man for a lifetime, living life free of jealousy and anger, and that I love my children fiercely.

All that to say, she's kind of my hero.  I want to be like her when I grow up.   Maybe if I live to be 96 I will accomplish that.

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