Day 110: Open Mouth

People say funny things sometimes, and I find that I am not sure how to take them, so I either take them as a compliment (it just works out better for everyone that way); or I try to make them feel less awkward about what they just said (which usually doesn't work out well for anyone); or I just laugh about it in my head and then tell someone else about it later.

Here are a few recent ones:

  • "Well if YOU can run, I probably can." 
    • I think this means "well, you're pretty old and out of shape, so if someone in your physical condition can do it, then I probably can too."  I have actually tried to think of anything else this could mean, and I just can't come up with anything.

  • "I got dressed yesterday and I came out of my bedroom and asked my husband, 'Who do I look like from Church?  Hint, they always wear cardigans buttoned all the way up with a shirt showing at the bottom?' My husband said, 'Carol Jones.'  Carol, you have a signature style!"
    • At first I thought, "That's cool. I have a style."  I felt very complimented.  Then later, at home, I thought, "Is that true?  Do I wear cardigans all the time?  Surely not."  Then I got dressed last night and guess what I put on?  Yep.  (In fact, I'm sitting here in my pajamas with a cardigan on.  Oy.)    Great, my signature style just screams old lady.

  • "I have a friend who is about to have twins.  She already has a lot of kids, so I don't know why she feels like she needs more.  Plus, she's 43.  At some point it's just selfish to be so old and have kids.  I mean, she'll be 50 when they are 2nd graders.  50?!"
    • Seriously, I had no idea had to respond to that one.  So I just smiled.  And decided to take it as a compliment that she must think I'm way under 50!

  • "You're one of the smartest women in leadership I've ever known.  Of course, most women aren't good leaders, so I guess that's like a double compliment."
    • For real.  A double compliment?
All that to say, I'm sure I've had plenty of "open mouth, insert foot" moments.   In fact, I KNOW I have.  Just read my post entitled, "I Say Stupid Things."  Then share some of your experiences!  I need a good laugh.

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