Day 109: Mountains and Molehills

I have been mentoring a young woman for a few months now, and I have to say that watching her transformation has been one of the single most rewarding experiences of my life.  She is working through some really heavy things in her life, and she is doing it with such grace.

No topic is off limits to her, be it physical, spiritual, emotional, or even social.  She is tired of living under the weight of such heavy things and her struggle to be freed from it all is nothing short of amazing to watch.

Today, as we were talking about a fairly small change in her life, she said, "I wish I knew why some things are easier for me and others are not.  Maybe I am just so used to moving mountains that I trip over molehills."

I have no idea why this particular statement took my breath away, but I suppose if I analyzed it long enough, I would find that the truth of it exists in my own life. 

We are not Mountain Movers.  The ability to move mountains requires us to rely on God, a fact we seem to grasp quite readily.  Without Him we are incapable of  overcoming the giant things that find their way into our lives. 

But the small things in our lives, the molehills, we tend to think we can handle those on our own.  No sense bothering the Big Guy with such trivial nonsense.  I mean, He's got a world to rule.  Angels to direct.  Prayers to answer.   So we go it alone.  And thus, it is the molehills that trip us up.

All that to say, maybe we should make mountains out of molehills, then trust them to the One who moves mountains.  We'd probably be less likely to trip.

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  1. So true, Carol. Thus Israel conquers walled Jericho only to face defeat at tiny Ai.


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