Day 113: Simple Christmas Lived Out Report Card

I thought since I'd pronounced it a "Simple Christmas" in following with what my church was doing that I should give myself a report card.  Here goes:

Simple Worship:  More Jesus, Less Me  B-
  I wish I could say my time alone with Jesus was more rich, but it wasn't.  Somehow I still found myself incredibly busy, though much less than usual.  Probably the most significant thing I did in this area was focus on Jesus as the reason for the celebration.  There wasn't much ado about Santa (though I'm not opposed to the Big Red Man).  We talked a lot with the girls about Jesus and his birth and the celebration surrounding it.

Simple Generosity:  More Giving, Less Spending A
This was a very challenging area for me because I am all about the buying of the Christmas presents.  I spent less than $500 for my entire family, including 4 parents, a husband, 2 sons, 2 daughters, 1 soon to be daughter in law, and our siblings.  Plus ALL of my baked goods that I gave to over 30 people.  It does not cover the coffee I bought for a fireman at Starbucks or an extravagant tip I gave to the girl at Sonic.  But all in all, I spent way less (and I mean WAY less!)  I do think I could have served others better.  I don't know that I did that as well as I could have.  So maybe I would give myself an A-.

Simple Presence:  More Time, Less Hurry B
Well, for reasons beyond my control (I hear the excuses coming) I did okay in this area.  I attended 1 Christmas Party, and I gave it.  I planned to attend two others but I had childcare issues for one of them and sick kids for the other one.  So, I wasn't too caught up in the hustle and bustle.  I decided the weeks before Christmas were not the best time to catch up with everyone I knew.   I did 98% of all of my shopping online.  I didn't do some things that I would have liked to do, but 10 years from now, I won't remember what I didn't get accomplished.  I won't remember the drive to see lights that didn't happen, or the decorating that didn't get done.  But I will remember rolling out cookies with the girls (trust me, I WILL remember that!)  And I will remember other time well spent with people I love.

All that to say, I can do better.  But I'd say it was a good first start.  Merry Christmas.

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