Day 71: Vacation Day 2 - Making Memories

Day two didn't start out exactly as planned, and I'll spare you all the details of why, but suffice it to say it was "unscripted."

So, we got up early and went to Kerby Lane in Austin for some yummy and world famous pancakes. Really though, they should tell you in advance that your "pancake" is more the size of a frisbee than a pancake! I would have adjusted my order significantly! They cook pancakes in such a way that they are the slightest bit crispy on the outside, but sweet and fluffy and delicious on the inside (I included the link to their pancake mix. GET IT!)

Shortstack saw a homeless lady outside the restaurant and asked a stream of questions about her. Mostly the questions were "what happened lady?" and "what she do." She was very confused. I thought about polishing over the whole situation, but decided that she wasn't too young to understand about such things.

Moving on . . .

After much searching online for something fun and cheap to do with the kids, we settled on a safari that was somewhere near Austin (according to Mike and his mad iphone search skills!)

Not to focus on the negative, but the safari trip was kind of a "three strikes" experience.

Strike One - Turns out the safari "somehwere near Austin" was almost 2 hours away (I seriously hate technology sometimes). Luckily, Nitro slept the whole way, and Shortstack entertained herself with songs and animal sightings and trucks.

Strike Two - the "cheap family entertainment site" must have a different measuring standard than I do for cheap. It was $34.50 for us to drive-thru it in our own vehicle. (The site said a "wild ride" and we assumed that we would be exiting our vehicle and riding on a train or a tram or something else. Boo.)

Strike Three - there were virtually NO animals. Seriously. The girls had a great time throwing food pellets out of the back window to the invisible animals(when they weren't trying to secretly eat the food pellets themselves!) But, we knew we had come upon something incredible when we noticed about 10 cars stopped on the side of the road. I have included a picture so you could see the few animals who were actually at the "safari."

This is not a close-up or zoomed in shot. It was actually this close to me.

So to recap, we drove for two hours to get there, drove around for about an hour, and then drove home (about 3.5 hours away). There was a brief 30 minute diversion in the petting zoo where we had to remind Nitro that animals do not like to be hugged or have their tails pulled. Especially goats.

I'd like to say it was a fun day. But have you ever spent the better part of a day in a car with twin three year olds? :)

Actually, it wasn't that bad. I crawled in the backseat with them at one point and watched a movie. (please get a mental picture of me wedged between two car seats in the backseat of a car. It's worth your mental effort.)

The day closed with a trip to McDonalds, a gourmet meal of chicken nuggets and french fries and lots and lots of ketchup. Toddler heaven.

I felt so bad for them being cooped up in the car all day that I even let them play on the giant playground, which I am sure was teeming with disgusting germs, and if you know me well, you know how I feel about that!

All that to say, we arrived home after 9 p.m., gave our tired toddlers a much needed (albeit FAST) bath and put them in bed where they fell promptly asleep. I must remind myself that every day we are making memories with them. Sweet, precious, memories.

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